Coro​​​​na Virus (Virtual) IT Tactical Security Preparedness and Leadership Session: For You (the CIO) and Your Lieutenants

Overview - How to Scale Remote Access without Breaking Your Network| Tighten Loose Ends with Secure Access to (Cloud and On-Prem) Resources| Cloud App Security vs SIEM with a Widening Attack Surface (work-at-home users)| How Do You Scale Security Capabilities and You Increase Your (remote work force)

After this week’s successful education and learning event on this topic in DC, my team and I decided to offer a virtual event tied to this information as we are getting tons of requests and questions.

There has never been a better time to be an IT Leader.

Join my team as we cover the following:

  • Work From Home
    • Firewalls: Can your firewall handle the load? All Security Services? All VPN connections? How do you determine this?
    • Remote access options: SSL-VPN, Azure AD Options using RDP
    • Uncontrolled people, devices and disparate applications
    • Approaches to End Point threat management and security that you have not considered for your work force with their (phones, tablets and personal laptops)
    • Split tunneling vs full tunneling
    • Remote desktop tactics to lessen bandwidth burden
    • Identity access control (2FA/MFA) organization for your distributed workforce? What are practical things you can do?
  • New Threats
    • Secure SaaS apps: Secure access to Slack, Workday, Salesforce, NOW, G-Suite, etc.
    • SaaS app Security - Why is CAS (Cloud App Security) more important than a SIEM in a Coronavirus world
    • Threat Management – As your attack surface widens how do you scale your security capabilities technically and cost effectively
    • How to block Malware Threats at ‘distributed’ Scale in a Corona Virus world as hackers take advantage of the situation. (Review JHU example)
    • Accelerating Cloud and Hybrid Cloud security as workers distribute?

Monday, March 16th, 2020 
Time: 2-3:30pm (Eastern Time)

Location: Virtual Meeting

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