What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)?

I am excited to release two short IT Security education videos for you and your direct reports.

The walls of the traditional IT Castle (firewalls) are no longer relevant for IT Security for a business of any size.

Mobile devices and cloud computing have destroyed this.

Core to Edge IT Security is where all of your intent, will, and focus need to be.

I know this because I see the big companies, the really big ones with huge budgets and staff and they struggle….a lot. I wish there were a magic technology that would save you. Unfortunately, there is none. However, with proper design, architecture, product selection, plus support from your boss, your IT Security program can be outstanding. Education is where I like to begin……and that is why I made these videos:

•Video #1 – The first is for the CIO or the CIO’s boss who wants a brief education about the importance of Advanced Persistent Threats.

•Video #2 – The second is for a technical CIO or Director/ Manager level……I guess what I am saying is if you want to get into the guts of APTs a bit more listen to #2 as well.

Let me know your thoughts…….so I can know whether to invest in more of them.

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To your success!