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World Class IT Security – Strategic and Tactical Thought Leadership Advanced Topics for Top IT Leaders: Innovation, Ideas, Creativity, Neuroscience of Optimal Performance – Fearlessness – Health – and Wellness for Top IT Leaders

Each episode I interview leaders who inspire me in the areas of hard core IT Security, IT business leadership, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and fearless living principles. Prior guests include Jason Kasch (CIO Structural Group), Christopher Lumley (VP, MECU of Baltimore), Sam McMakin (CIO American Chemistry Council), Tony Meoni (Director, AHIP), Simon Cooper (CIO, Service Power), Rafael Maldonado (CIO, NADA), John Milano (SR VP, RCMD) and many more.

About Bill Murphy

RedZone Technologies CEO Bill Murphy

Bill Murphy is a world renowned IT Security Expert dedicated to your success as an IT business leader.

A prolific thinker and communicator, Bill publishes educational articles, podcasts, and innovative ideas regularly in the RedZone Technologies blog, and hosts the long-running CIO Innovation Forum Community, which helps Information Technology executives to share expertise with peers, to build professional relationships, to learn about new developments and to expand leadership skills.

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Show Notes, Links and Resources for All Episodes

How to Backup and Archive your Data to the Blockchain – Don Beavers

Achieving High Performance in Parenting & Business – Ryan Morrissey and Brian Vetter

How Networking & Team Building Develops Successful IT Leaders – Robert Field

Why Immersive VR Technology is a Huge Opportunity – Holographic Architect Michael Potts

How Great Leaders Elevate Energy & Eliminate Fear – CEO Richard Sheridan

Your Field Guide to a Happy Life – Dr. Massimo Pigliucci

Managing the Future of Work Without Getting Replaced by AI – Professor Marco Iansiti

How Do We Control AI That Is Smarter Than Us – Dr. Roman Yampolskiy

Successfully Integrate Intentional Learning In Your Busy Day – Beth Boucher

The OWASP “Tasmanian Devil” Threat and Safeguard Matrix [TaSM] – Ross Young

The Vision Code – Oleg Konovalov, the “da Vinci” of Visionary Leadership

The Original Internet Godfather and Inventor of Modern Cybercrime – Cyber Crime Expert & Security Savant, Brett Johnson

The Inside Truth About Cybercrime & Risk Management – How to Protect Your Business – Mark Sangster, Cybersecurity Author & Security Strategist at eSentire Inc.

You Only Get 1,440 Minutes in a Day – How Do You Spend Yours? – with Bill Jensen, CEO of The Jensen Group #207

How to Use a “Purpose-Built” Framework for Innovation – with Akshay Bhargava, Chief Product Officer at Malwarebytes #195

Hacking Multifactor Authentication – with Roger Grimes, Data-Driven Defense Evangelist at KnowBe4 #173

You Are in the Driver’s Seat of Your Own Career – with CIO of Save The Children | Former CIO of Year Up – Sarah Angel-Johnson #172

Cloud Complexity Solution Pioneer – with David Linthicum, Chief Cloud Strategy Officer at Deloitte Consulting

The Self-Evolved Leader | Lead Like You Give A Damn – with Dave McKeown

Uncharted: How to Map the Future – with Margaret Heffernan

Crisis & Culture | What is the Security Culture You Want to Have? – with Masha Sedova

#1 Global Thought Leader on Culture (Marshall Goldsmith Thinkers50) – with Oleg Konovalov

How Did AI Help China React So Quickly to A Sudden and Immediate Crisis? – with Mark Greeven

Wisdom@Work | The Making of A Modern Elder – with Chip Conley

Fear is Fuel: The Surprising Power to Help You Find Purpose, Passion, and Performance – with Patrick Sweeney

Still Moving: How To Lead Mindful Change – with Deborah Rowland

Capital CIO of the Year 2018 | Enterprise ORBIE Award Winner – with Judith Apshago

What Is The Last Competitive Advantage for Humans? – with Jonas Ridderstrale

We Are Fairy Godmothers of the Modern World – with Deepa Prahalad

Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen – with Rita McGrath

CIOs Must Be Able To Foresee Potential Trends To Guide and Assist Decision Making and Strategy – with Jason Kasch

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication – with Dr. Jeff Karp

Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High-Performance Companies – with Paul Zak

Human Performance and The Benefits of Sauna – with Glenn Auerbach

The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity – with Kelley Steven-Waiss

The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail – with Charlene Li

How to Raise Emotionally Strong, Resilient and Powerful Kids in A Digital Age – with Dr. David Murphy

Modern Sales | Your Customers Don’t Need You Anymore – with Chris Peterson

Cloud Application Security Is Your Gateway to Cloud Confidence – with Shannon Emmons

Offense and Defense Innovation at Experian – with Barry Libenson

The Spartan Regime: Leadership, Character and Strategy – with Paul A. Rahe

Man is Much More than a Tool Builder | He is An Inventor of Universes – with David A. Smith

How Do We Nurture Loonshots? – with Safi Bahcall

Eliminate Death On the Job by 2050 – with David DiLeo

Dominance Hierarchies | Leadership | Competition | Women – with Dr. Joyce Benenson

Block First, Ask Questions Later | Security + Business Continuity – with Dmitriy Ayrapetov

Unleash Your Superpower with Communication + Persuasion – with Jeff Tippett

Shift From A “Know It All” Company To A “Learn It All” Company – with Chris Pirie 

How the Detroit Pistons Appreciate Fans Using Data Analytics – with Chris Pittenturf

Making Disease Optional with Microbiome Health + Abundance Thinking and High Performance Leadership – with Naveen Jain

CIOs of the Future: How to Help Your CEO Grow the Business – with Chetan Raval

How to Transform Your Business Through Observational Learning and Design Thinking – with Neil Goodrich

The Man Watching: Soccer Coach Lessons for High Performance Leaders – with Tim Crothers

CISO to CIO: Personal Vision, Legacy, and How to Leave a Positive Impact as the Top IT Leader – with Riz Jan

Your First 100 Days to a Quick Win BI Project – with Reggie Wilkerson

Stop Playing to Lose…Play to Win: High Performance Leadership Tactics From the 50 Billion Dollar Man – with Dan Peña

How CIOs Can Use Threat Modelling to Benefit Their Organization: Build Out Your Defenses! – with Adam Shostack

Innovation Is Upsetting | Be Willing to Walk Around Being Offended on a Daily Basis – with Professor Stephen Hicks

How Can CIOs Be CEOs of the Future? – with Sunny Gupta, CEO of Apptio

High Performance IT Leadership Is a Verb: Empower Yourself with a Navy Seal Mindset! – with Captain Tom Chaby

Prepare For GDPR: Start With Privacy By Design Principles! – with Ann Cavoukian

Why Is The Google Cloud Platform Good For Your Business? – with Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Passwords Redefined | Make Your Password Interesting, Not Difficult! – with James Crifasi

CIO Visualization Skills of the Top 20% – with Scott Berinato

How Do You Decrypt 29,000+ Computers? – with Raj Samani

Google Cloud Security: End-to-End Trust and Transparency in Your Stack – with David Cross

Envision a World Without Wildlife Poaching … Uber Disrupts Transportation| Airbnb Disrupts Hotels| Amazon Disrupts Food | Pembient Disrupts Wildlife Poaching! – with Matthew Markus

How to Get Your Team’s Big Data Design & Visualization Skills to a World Class Level? Tactics+Tools to Get You There – with Seth Familian

Does the Security of Your Applications Respond at the Pace of Your Business – with Jeff Williams

Mapping Innovation: a Playbook for Navigating a Disruptive Age – with author Greg Satell

Critical Infrastructure Protection – with Jim Linn, Managing IT Director of American Gas Association

How Do the Most Innovative CIOs and Companies Deliver Transformation? SmartHubs, Micro-Services, APIs, Portability + Eliminating Complexity – with Barry Libenson, CIO of Experian DataLab

What are Success Traits to Achieve Greatness as a Young CIO Today? – with Stephanie Nelson, VP of IT, Seacret Direct

Exploring CIO Superpowers, Skills, Tactics, and Strategies – with Bill Granger, CTO of Walker & Dunlop

How to Win as a CIO and Financial Leader – with Bob Fecteau, CIO of SAIC

What Makes a World Class Innovation Lab? Experian DataLabs – with Eric Haller

The New MBA – “Masters of Business Ambiguity” – with Lisa Kay Solomon

Shola: A CIO’s Journey To Solving Global Grand Health Challenges| Lessons in Innovation| Mentorship| & Continuous Learning – with Shola Oyewole

Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin is Changing Money, Business, and the World – with Alex Tapscott

AI Safety In Cyber Security | AI Decision Making | Wireheading | AI Chatbot Privacy – with Roman Yampolskiy

Joy, Inc – The Courage and Vulnerability Needed to Change the Culture of Your Company – with Richard Sheridan

The Frontiers of Ultimate Human Performance – with Steven Kotler

An Exponential Organization CIO Who Brings Ideas to Market Fast, Executes and Delivers on Revenue and Customer Service – with Prabhash Shrestha

The Breakthroughs in Digital Manufacturing| 3D Printing| AI Creativity, Decision Making & Design Perception – with Hod Lipson, Award-Winning Researcher, Professor, and Author

The Most Innovative CIO in Washington D.C. Shares His Secrets – with David Bray, CIO of FCC

What Could We Learn From Biology and Nature to Defend Our Own Systems – with Top 100 Innovator and Global Thinker Peter W. Singer

Why Stoic Philosophy Now?| Ethics, Programming and AI| Intuition and Neuroscience| Autonomous Cars – with Massimo Pigliucci

How to Create an Anticipatory vs. Agile Organization – with Daniel Burrus

The Inevitable Technology Forces Shaping Our Future and How to Position Yourself for This Change – with Kevin Kelly

Phishing Dark Waters, Social Engineering Hacking, Human Vulnerability – with Chris Hadnagy, IT Security Expert and Innovator

Human Performance, Mobility, and Endurance – with Brian MacKenzie, Best Selling Author and Expert

Security Begins at the Heart and Not the Head – with John Sileo

The Will to Win – with Bill Murphy

How to Use Disinformation in a World of Zero Privacy – Lessons from a Practitioner – with Frank Ahearn

Emergency Rooms and Robots – Jacob Morgan and His Future of Work

The Power of Being Agile, Cheap, Flexible and Resource Constrained in an Exponential World – with Enrique Rubio

The Importance of a Big WHY – with Chuck Blakeman

How to Make Better IT Security Investment Decisions – with Marshall Kuypers

Are IT Security Leaders Allowed to Forecast? Become Comfortable with Uncertainty – with Jack Freund

AI and The Intersection of Psychology and Human Behavior – with Daniel McDuff

How to Use Exponential Technologies to Innovate at the Edge – with Pascal Finette

Solving IT Security Challenges Hollywood Style – with Zack Schuler

How To Apply Critical Thought & Socratic Methods to Build Defensible IT Security Investments – with Jack Jones

Energy Beats Talent with Top IT Leaders: Why? – with Jean Gomes

This Unstoppable Security Mind is Transforming Silicon Valley Through the End-Point – with Rahul Kashyap

National News Anchor Turned Psychology Guru and Best-Selling Author – with Michelle Gielan

Life as the Sherriff of the Internet – with Eric Vanderburg

Confessions of a Professional Cyber Stalker – with Ken Westin

5 Leadership Force Multipliers: Emotional Inteligence, Mindfulness, Clarity, Vision, & Health – with Gail Voisin

Catching the Catfishers, Your Personal Brand, Cookies: Super, Zombie, Flash & Privacy – with Tyler Cohen Wood

What is the Difference between Creativity, Innovation, and Invention? – with Shawn Hunter

Leadership is a Hero’s Journey? What Does it Take to Evolve Into a Great Leader? – with Eric Kaufmann

The Rise of the CISCO – The Chief Information Security and Compliance Officer – with Tony McFarland

The Iceman Wim Hof – Can We Learn to Be Superhuman?

What is Your Plan for: Super-Vulnerabilities|Brand Take-Down|& Incident Response | Humanity in Security – with Bill Brenner

Hacks to Get More Sleep| Gaming to Improve Your Speed as an Adult| TLD Article – Top Level Domains| The Most Bad Ass Navy Seal Ever| Singularity University| Rise of Superman – with Bill Murphy

An Insider’s Look at the Security of Microsoft Azure – Assume the Breach! – with David Cross

Will STIX and TAXII Revolutionize IT Security Forever? – with Aharon Chernin

Top 4 Cyber Security Competitions to build Tenacity, Will, Grit, IQ & Neuro-musculature – with Ron Woerner

Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Da Vinci Teachings on Business, Intention, and Creativity – with Michael Michalko

IoT Learning 201| Happy Plants| Pumps| Gremlins| Coffee Makers| Patch Wars| Tidal Waves & Turning Tides| Coffee Machines Connected to AD – with Uri Rivner

A Top 50 Most Adventurous Man|Epic Quests|River Adventures|Family|Nature|Boardrooms|Business| & Iran & Russia – with Mark Kalch

The All-Time Computer Science Hero| How Alan Turing Cut WW2 by 2 Years and Saved 20 Million Lives – with Rick Howard

The Two Best Ways for a CIO to Immediately Add Value, Right Now! – with Joe Topinka

The 1 Question a CSO+CIO Must Ask the Business to Secure their Job Before a Data Breach Happens – with Raimund Genes

Selfie Based Authentication| Authentication History and the Future – Kayvan Alikhani

Big Data IoT Security, The Mosaic Effect, Demise of Passwords, IoT TOCTOU Attacks, IoT Security Loose Membranes, and more – with Hadi Nahari

Being a Bullfrog CIO is about Making Leapfrog Steps vs Incremental Progress – with Don Wiegner

Sushi and IT Security – How You Can Run Your IT Shop Like the Best Sushi Restaurant in the World – with Alex Hutton

How Can You Remove Emotion From Irrational Cyber Security Decision Making? – with Jack Jones

A CIO in the Boardroom| 11 Tips for a Remarkable IT Security Presentation – Mark Robnett

Which Security Technologies are Hardest to Deploy? – with Javvad Malik

Can a ‘Servant Leadership’ culture create a superior IT Security product? – with Jonathan Cogley

Avoid the Dangerous Myth of Multi-Tasking| Learn 13 Ways to Build a Performance Pulse into Your Day – with Jean Gomes

Big Data Security AND – Waste Water, Cholera, Small Pox, Germ Theory, Data De-Identification – with Davi Ottenheimer

Data Governance Warrior – with Jessica Bligh

The Next Gen-CIO. What Does this Person Look Like? – with Bob Fecteau

Why are Employees Always a Bad Idea? Stakeholders vs Employees – with Chuck Blakeman

Ignoring Printer Security Could Get You Fired – with Kelley Dempsey

How You Can Be as Creative as Michelangelo and Navy Seals – with Michael Michalko

5 CIO Mastermind | New Approaches to Building High Performance Teams

CIO Primer – How to Buy Cyber Insurance|Podcast – with John Milano

6 CIO MasterMind | AWS Success, BI Tool Success, DR/BCP Ideas, New Technology Adoption and Older Employees

CIO Jason Kasch Interview

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