Don’t Let Spammers Take Advantage of Your Fear

Opportunistic individuals will always find a way to leverage a bad situation to take advantage of and potentially exploit unsuspecting people.

After a bad storm, such as a hurricane or wind💨 storm, you will see “roofers” or other “repair” companies trolling hard-hit neighborhoods offering to quickly repair roof 🏠 or other structural damage for an amazing rate, only to then either take your money and run or do a terrible job and run- often bypassing requirements to get the proper building permits. People’s desire to get it fixed quickly will override their common sense.

Spammers will use email attacks in the same manner.

If people are pre-occupied with a certain event or situation, they are more likely to respond to emails often not follow normal procedures and common sense.

With this past year in particular increasing levels of fear, uncertainty, and doubt among the population, this has opened the doors for spammers.

Remembering these 2 simple mantras will help protect you from falling victim to these email attacks- nothing on the internet is “free,” and, as the saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Beware of those that work to compromise you at times of weakness and uncertainly!