How to Protect ANDROID and IPHONE From a Zero Day Attack + ATO

One of the most common misconceptions is that iPhones and iOS devices are more secure than Android.

However, this line of thinking needs to be rethought. People should assume that ALL devices are equally susceptible to some form of attack. iOS devices need to employ the same security controls as all other devices.

The need to remain constantly vigilant and on top of security on these devices at all times is imperative. In our fast-paced lives, always in a rush to get things done, whether that be switching to a different machine when working from home or clicking on a suspicious email because you didn’t have time to think about it, defenses are often forgotten.

If you’ve encountered this scenario – your defenses are down, and a zero day attack exploits a weakness on your device that was previously unknown – the best defense is a strong offense. We recommend an API approach where a trusted environment with policies for authentication and authorization will bolster your overall protection.