What Could You do with an Extra 149 Hours a Year?

I saw a statistic that said the city of Boston, Massachusetts, leads the nation in “hours lost in congestion.” Commuters spend 149 hours per person per year stuck in traffic in Beantown.

a person wearing a suit and tieThat’s a little over 6 days. That’s mind-blowing.

I believe in making the most out of every second of every day – and 149 hours is a heck of a lot of seconds.

That 149 hours is the equivalent of 3 full college classes, or 9 credit hours a year. You could almost get a college degree in your car.

I tell my employees who have long commutes to MAXIMIZE their potential during those times by listening to podcasts, such as Gary Vaynerchuk‘s podcast.

Imagine the things you could learn or teach yourself during all that time stuck in your car.

Turn a negative into a positive and take every opportunity to better yourself.