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Can You Go Toe to Toe with your Auditor?

I have observed that CIOs are usually hesitant to go toe-to-toe against a regulator or an auditor. One of the major issues is that a lot of times, after reviewing a risk assessment, we are operating from purely intuition. It is important that you take a rigorous approach to preparing for these discussions by combining intuition with critical thinking and rationale.

By using your own intuition in combination with critically thinking through complex problems, you are able to develop a defensible argument. You are now able to validate surface assumptions and estimates before presenting, and placing information before auditors.

Just having the framework for discussing and debating topics with your auditor is extremely valuable. There are a few tools and tricks I want to share with you that will help you to better prepare a defensible argument that is backed with rigor, critical thinking, and logic. It can be very powerful to go before authorities this way, and I want to be able to help you do this.
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