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What Could We Learn From Biology and Nature to Defend Our Own Systems – with Peter W. Singer, Top 100 Innovator and Global Thinker

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There was literally too much ground to cover with Peter W. Singer. He was one of these interviews where you just have to let him run because he has so much to say. His knowledge and experience are too wide to cover in a short hour, but here are some key takeaways that you will learn when you listen.

Major Take-Aways From This Episode:

He is not a doomsday figure, but one that seeks to find alternatives, explain, and develop context to the changes that are impacting our lives.

He was on a research project that asked 60 people what are the 5 trends that are of the same magnitude the release of computer in 1980:

  1. Hardware – Robots, autonomous vehicles
  2. Software – IoT, Big Data, AI
  3. Waveware – Energy Sources, solar, lasers
  4. Hardware – Additive printing and manufacturing, 3d, bits to atoms
  5. Wetware – human performance enhancing technology

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Deep Learning for Exponential Executives: What to Expect?

The Exponential Organization Executive (ExO) of the future will not just be the CIO, CISO, or VP of IT. ExOs will be business leaders who understand how to take advantage of information in their businesses.

They will understand Data (big data) both within and with their cloud providers. They will understand that IP intellectual property of this data can be exposed, developed, segmented, etc. by using APIs, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. ExO Executives who “grock” this will apply significant advantage personally and to their businesses.

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IT Leadership: 3 Ways to Build Hi-Energy Teams

IT Leadership: 3 ways to build hi-energy teams

Have you reached a ceiling of complexity in your life as an IT leader?

This complexity may be manifesting professionally and/or personally as well.

Complexity is killing IT leaders in the industry because everyone thinks we are going to solve the issues of complexity with more pace or speed or more efficiency, or more training, or more education.

The IT Leadership Challenge

Let’s unravel this…
How do we keep up with the pace of innovation in such a rapidly changing global economy?

You don’t and you can’t.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them,” – Albert Einstein.  

There is a reason that philosophy majors are on the rise and are becoming more and more valued by tech companies. You need to pull yourself out of the problem and see the bigger picture. It puts you into a different mindset.

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IoT Learning 201| Happy Plants| Pumps| Gremlins| Coffee Makers| Patch Wars| Tidal Waves & Turning Tides| Coffee Machines Connected to AD

Teaching Others About IoT – Be Prepared to Educate – Learning Items Below:

  • IoT as a “Tidal Wave” versus “Turn of the Tides”
  • IoT and Supply Chain / Eco-system Impact – I love this because it is a critical concept
  • Top 3 Industry IoT ‘Must Haves”
  • 5 IoT Characteristics
  • What is Arduino?
  • Corporate Coffee Makers connected to Active Directory
  • What are Ninja Blocks?
  • Top 3 ‘must haves’ before allowing IoTs on your network.
  • The importance of Monitoring IoT Devices
  • Flexible Authorization models vs Rigid
  • Anomalous Behavior and IoT
  • Risk & Threat Management and IoT
  • Wearables and Enterprise Authentication
  • Benefits of IoT are many
  • Future – Patch Wars are coming

Uri is a leader in the world of research as it relates to IoT Security, cognitive authentication, and advanced cyber security strategies. This interview is a great learning tool to educate yourself so that you can educate your peers about where IoT is going and what it means to you and leaders in your business.

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Big Data IoT Security, The Mosaic Effect, Demise of Passwords, IoT TOCTOU Attacks, IoT Security Loose Membranes, and more

Internet of things concept illustration Controlling your home appliances with smartphone

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In the following interview Hadi and I discuss Big Data Security Topics like the Mosaic Effect and Privacy, Mobile Security, The Demise of Passwords, IoT TOCTOU Attacks, Driverless Cars, Atomic Views of IoT, Orchestration Layer Limitations with Big Data Security, and what he describes as ‘Loose Membranes’ with IoT security.

I recently had a fascinating conversation with Hadi Nahari who is the Chief Security Architect at NVIDIA. He can be reached on Linkedin and Twitter.

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