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Sushi and IT Security – How You Can Run Your IT Shop Like the Best Sushi Restaurant in the World

Alex Hutton

I have written about Craftsmanship in the past and after talking with CISO Alex Hutton this was emphasized even more.

The importance of IT Ops and Security being run as a craft is important because most CIOs and CISOs feel that their biggest value unfortunately is when there is a problem (data breach, failure of a system, etc.)

Jiro Ono owns the most famous Sushi restaurant in the world. Jiro’s story is highlighted in a documentary (Amazon|ITunes) You can approach your profession as a master would.

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A CIO in the Boardroom| 11 Tips for a Remarkable IT Security Presentation


This episode is sponsored by the CIO Scoreboard

“Once fear grips a board this is not a good thing”

“The truly alive Security program is dynamic and it’s not static.”

Mark Robnett, CIO Justice Federal Credit Union is a rising star in the Credit Union industry and I asked him to detail for you in this episode how he put together his IT Security presentation to his board regarding his IT security, strategy, and tactics.

I have found that Justice FCU is about 1-2 years ahead of Credit Unions of its size. I would put them on par with firms many times its size. Mark also has the added pressure of having very smart and technically savvy board. There is no hiding behind jargon and complexity with them because the board is comprised of FBI and Justice Department. What a challenge!

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