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Being a Bullfrog CIO is about Making Leapfrog Steps vs Incremental Progress

Donald Wiegner

Are you and your team ready to make Leapfrog Steps or are you simply making Incremental Progress?

How do you get hard things done?

We are so often conditioned to look at the negative end of accomplishment. As human beings we tend to look at all the reasons something can’t be done versus listing all the reasons how it can be done.

My discussion with Don Wiegner in many ways you have heard the message before, but this time around you are hearing it from someone who has just spent two years doing what others thought was impossible. He discusses how to accomplish insurmountable goals and do it in a way that brings people together under a common purpose. Have you had a defining moment in your career where your back was against the wall and you had to get the job done? Possibly you and your group were recruited into the scrum and you needed to find a way through.

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How Can You Remove Emotion From Irrational Cyber Security Decision Making?


Do you have the following questions?

How can I lower and reduce the Signal to Noise Ratio in my IT Security Program?

How can I apply rigorous and precise thinking to my IT Sec Program?

How can I quantify loss exposure within my IT Sec program?

So many people want to discuss how the pace of technology innovation is increasing complexity and also causing mistakes to happen. Many of them are human error. Not many people want to discuss how to solve this problem and how to deal with it.

Jack is different and his main goal is to slow down and apply logical and critical thinking to the process.

Jack Jones is widely considered a thought leader in risk management and information security. Jack has been employed in technology for the past thirty years; specializing in information security and risk management for twenty-four of those years. During this time he has garnered a decade of experience as a CISO, including five years for a Fortune 100 financial services company. His work has also been recognized by his peers and the industry, earning him the 2006 ISSA Excellence in the Field of Security Practices award, and the 2012 CSO Compass Award for Leadership in Risk Management. Jack is the originator of the now industry standard risk management framework known as Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR). FAIR has seen adoption globally, within organizations of all sizes, and is now regularly included in graduate-level university courses on information security and referenced by other industry standards. He also recently co-authored a book on FAIR entitled “Measuring and Managing Information Risk – A FAIR Approach“. Today, Jack is the President of CXOWARE, Inc., serves on committees for both ISC(2) and ISACA, and is a regular speaker for national conferences.

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Is your preferred IT Security weapon a Sword or an Oar?

Young samurai women with Japanese sword(Katana) at sunset on the

New CIO IT Security Fighting Tactics, Leadership and Philosophy

I have always been endlessly fascinated with Samurai, Ninja, and Martial arts. In my teens I studied Karate and then later in my 30’s picked up Tae Kwon Do for 4 years and achieved a black belt.

I couldn’t help but see the parallel between IT security leadership and Samurai in this story.

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