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15 Reasons Why Playing Games is Good for You, Your Family, and Your Teams

Gaming controllers and game icons and symbol elements.

The genesis of this article happened because of my general discomfort with my kids sitting around playing games on devices like phones and tablets versus reading a book or playing outside. I guess I was raised to go outside and play so I am wired this way. However, after reading and listening to researchers in this area I have definitely questioned my assumptions.

I used to think that playing games was a waste of time. I had a litany of reasons why, the least of which was not a Puritanical work ethic and a ‘usefulness’ and efficiency of time problem with playing games. This definitely was a Family of Origin issue with me 🙂

I heard an interviewer ask a question of a guest recently that went like this, “what assumptions have you changed your mind about over the past year?” I think that this is a great question and “GAMING” is my big one for this year.

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