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[Podcast] Energy Beats Talent with Top IT Leaders: Why?

Jean Gomes Chairman of the The Energy Project

The days of skill and will are over

As machines take over the world and eventually through AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Robots help us tackle big tech issues with Cyber Security, there remains the question, do we have the human capacity to ‘keep up’ with email much less the pace of innovation and change.

Jean explains how you can do this?
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Avoid the Dangerous Myth of Multi-Tasking| Learn 13 Ways to Build a Performance Pulse into Your Day| Episode #11

Jean Gomes, Chairman of The Energy Project UK

The CIO role is a hugely creative position that can have immense power of good if used correctly.

However, there has to be a better way to handle stress in life than building and managing lists of to do lists, having a better work ethic, being more efficient, developing more will power, working harder, etc.

I found an expert on this topic, Jean Gomes who is Chairman of The Energy Project and we discussed the work he and his organization are doing with leaders to transform old patterns of approaching work into healthier and better methods.

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