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Secure Sandwiches- RedZone Bites into Big Spicy Wendy’s Project

If you’ve ever been to a Wendy’s restaurant in Maryland, DC, or Virginia, you have visited a RedZone Technologies customer.

One of the world’s largest Wendy’s franchisees, WenDavCo, needed to address growing concerns for PCI compliance and sought to rollout a lower-cost Wide Area Network. The company selected RedZone Technologies to be their design and implementation partner for their security needs.

WenDavCo wanted a simple and effective security stance that would give them exactly what they need. We crafted a solution to fit that mold exactly, giving them a solution customized for their requirements. We are proud to announce the design and rollout at 156 locations of our largest customer! Our experience in PCI, overall computing experience, and our capability for implementing diverse projects concentrically made us the right choice for this project.