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4 Four Ways to Build Energy and Personal Capacity in IT Leadership

How can you gain the competitive advantage with focused energy?

One of the reasons that energy has traditionally been looked at as scientifically and politically incorrect is because it seemed to be intangible. In order to avoid as much confusion as possible, and to bring it into the discussion, we need to clearly define what it means on both a personal and organizational level.

One joint study by the Energy Project UK and the Harvard Business Review, entitled The Human Era at Work, established a four part framework by which to acknowledge capacity, surveying over 20,000 employees worldwide – and the results were nothing short of impressive.

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5 Leadership Force Multipliers: Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Clarity, Vision, & Health


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I have never been particularly impressed with people who achieve meteoric results in business if other areas of their lives are going in exactly the opposite direction or are stagnant. What good is it to satisfy shareholders if your kids see you rarely or they see you but you are not present with them? Or you achieve business goals but skip your thirties with exercise because you feel that you can’t afford to take the time.

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