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What is the Bandwidth Capacity of Your Eyes? 6 People Who Design Big Beautiful Data

Close-up Of Woman's Blue Eye. High Technologies In The Futuristi

I was listening to a WW1 documentary and the host discussed why the Middle East was brought into the fold of WW1. There is no easy answer but one that is interesting was the desire for England and economies that were rapidly transitioning into the new world of needing oil to power their ships, cars, etc. Governments like England, France, Germany, etc realized there needed to be a land grab of sorts in the areas of the world where oil was present since this was the future as they saw it.

In this presentation by David McCandless he discusses how Big Data may be the “New Soil” vs the “New Oil”. As we continue down the path of Big Data/Too Much Data how are we equipped as humans to handle the consumption of Data?

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