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How to Make Better IT Security Investment Decisions

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Marshall Kuypers is a PhD candidate in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, concentrating in Risk Analysis. His research studies quantitative models to assess cyber security risk in organizations. I heard Marshall talk at a major IT Security conference and after listening to him, I knew that I had to get him on the show to share his expertise.

Marshall continues a theme that I have been harping on recently which is for you to deepen your sophistication of communicating at the highest level in your organization about Cyber Risk and investments that you want your company to mitigate against.

For some of you this discussion will be re-enforcement of concepts and ideas that you already know but need to be reminded of. For others, Marshall will bring a fresh approach to you to test with your CFO, CEO or Board. The more effective you can be with communicating to your horizontal peers and upstream reports the better you can fulfill your mission within your company.

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