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Ignoring Printer Security Could Get You Fired| Podcast Episode #6

a businessman with an icon of a printer printing a document in h

Do you know that most printers retain data that is being copied onto a hard drive?

Should a CIO care about this? Well, possibly not if the printer is outside sales or marketing as a workgroup printer, but what if it is outside legal? Or Human Resources?

It may be time for a bit of printer house keeping……

Can printers be used as a relay? Or a hot spot? Relay points? Can they contribute in a botnet?

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5 CIO Mastermind |New Approaches to Building High Performance Teams | Ep #4

Mastermind Meeting

5 CIOs and 15 new Ideas, Innovative Approaches, and Problem Solving TipsIn this episode I interview 5 great CIOs. Their names are below.

If you are an IT Business Leader and want the latest information related to:  High Performance teams, Accountability, Hybrid Cloud Multipliers, IT Audit & Risk Management Tools, Forced Delegation, Toxic Employee and Team Building, Incentivizing Right Behaviors, Consensus Building, Rapid Acceptance then listen below.

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