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Artificial Intelligence as a Super-Assistant to Cyber Security to Cyber Security Intelligence

In the next few years we will see the emergence of exponential technologies that, when implemented in unison, will greatly improve cyber security. One example that is relevant for CIOs is the joining of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to help executives visualize cyber intelligence information to improve decision-making and better target IT investments.

Big Data offers enormous opportunity, but there are two core issues that need to be addressed. One problem with Big Data is that often we do not know how to interpret the data. When we do, it usually gets passed from expert to executive in a way that does not necessarily provide a better understanding of the information, or how it can be applied to the problem at hand.

The second issue is that often we do not know how to best interact with the data that we are interpreting. The days of 100-page data summaries are nearing an end. We now need effective and streamlined solutions to limit these inefficiencies. Continue reading

Are ‘Boards’ Suffering from (ITS) Ivory Tower Syndrome?

Ivory Tower

  • What is ITS?
  • Can a CISO/CIO help a Board member suffering from ITS? How?
  • Make a Board member’s job easy in order to lessen ITS symptoms
  • Why is ITS a great opportunity for the CIO? 8 Tips for Educating a Board
  • The CIO and Radical Responsibility
  • Board and CIO/CISO Resources
  • A Tool for Ensuring Transparency

I do believe that boards are suffering from ITS – Ivory Tower Syndrome.

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A CIO in the Boardroom| 11 Tips for a Remarkable IT Security Presentation


This episode is sponsored by the CIO Scoreboard

“Once fear grips a board this is not a good thing”

“The truly alive Security program is dynamic and it’s not static.”

Mark Robnett, CIO Justice Federal Credit Union is a rising star in the Credit Union industry and I asked him to detail for you in this episode how he put together his IT Security presentation to his board regarding his IT security, strategy, and tactics.

I have found that Justice FCU is about 1-2 years ahead of Credit Unions of its size. I would put them on par with firms many times its size. Mark also has the added pressure of having very smart and technically savvy board. There is no hiding behind jargon and complexity with them because the board is comprised of FBI and Justice Department. What a challenge!

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