Visualizing Your IT Security

Security Scoreboard is a powerful, yet simple visual tool

Providing a realistic view of IT Security across your organization, Security Scoreboard empowers CIOs and their teams to take action. As part of RedZone’s managed security services suite, the process and tools assess and prioritize everything that needs attention. It provides an action plan to remediate IT Security risks and helps you communicate transparently to the CEO and board so you can obtain the support and investments you need to move forward.

Security Scoreboard helps you navigate and communicate

  • Measures and analyzes the current state of IT Security risk
  • Offers clarity without spin… Identifies gaps and weaknesses
  • Provides a roadmap… Navigates you through the security improvement process
  • Enables a comprehensive action plan that includes people, processes and technology
  • Demonstrates and proves IT Security execution with ongoing Gap Reviews

Security Scoreboard enables you to be proactive

  • Provides Visualization & Transparency across 50+ Security Metrics
  • Allows you to prioritize remediation based on Risk & Criticality Assignments
  • Addresses the concerns of your board, auditors and regulators

“Managing and measuring risk across all areas of IT Security is a difficult task, but the process and output of the Security Scoreboard empowers my team to easily understand the gaps in important areas, while providing me with a clear view into prioritizing actions, plans, and investments.”

Sam McMakin, CIO, American Chemistry Council

Reduce the Complexity of Your IT Security Initiatives

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