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April 24, 2014: Prevent Being Hacked – A CIO’s Perspective
How a CIO Can Rise to the Occasion

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With the technical expertise of RedZone Technologies, companies without the luxury of a full in-house IT staff can leverage the same benefits. We increase productivity by designing solid solutions and backing them with full support. We support businesses as a trusted partner with a full range of products, turnkey solutions, and professional services.

RedZone partners with our clients who want to:

  1. Reduce the complexity of their investments in Infrastructure, Security, Disaster Recovery and Cloud Services
  2. Achieve predictable technology costs
  3. Have a trusted advisor
  4. Be guided through the maze of IT regulations and requirements PCI, NCUA, FFIEC, etc
  5. Enjoy friendly, expert service every step of the way
  6. Attain dependable 24/7 support