Creative Innovation Labs | Potential Testing Small-Scale Projects On Small-Scale Budgets

Building An IoT Project | Using Alexa Skills

At our CIO Innovation Insider events this year, Innovation labs have been a hot topic of conversation.

Whether it’s simply having a slush fund to draw from, or having full-on innovation facilities, bringing new ideas into an organization and experimenting with new technologies is the best way to keep a business at the forefront of offensive innovation. I wanted to show that innovation labs don’t have to be expensive, and that it’s possible to take an idea from start to fruition quickly, without much cost.

I sat down with my application developer, and tasked him with exploring Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, and to build a custom application using the Alexa Skills kit on Amazon’s developer portal. The goal of the project was to explore the possibilities of natural language interfaces and to see what other resources we could integrate with Alexa in order show others that innovation is possible quickly, on a small scale.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once: How a VISO Helps Make Your IT Spending More Effective

A Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO) can help make your IT dollars more effective.Typically, we’re starting with the Scoreboard because we want to measure twice and only cut once. It’s important to ask these key questions:

  • What do you have?
  • Is it working?
  • Can we use it?
  • Does it make sense?

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How CIOs Can Use Threat Modelling to Benefit Their Organization: Build Out Your Defenses!

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My guest today is Adam Shostack. Adam is a consultant, entrepreneur, technologist, game designer, and author of the book Threat Modelling: Designing for Security.

I invited Adam to talk security and discuss a concept he designed that is called threat modelling. I love the simplicity of the concept and appreciate the fact that Adam understands the complexity of security and was able to distill it into an actionable security program.

Our conversation is versatile, covering technical areas and goes up to the board level. If you have an interest in making security simple, and if your instinct tells you that defense is the new offence, you will enjoy listening to this podcast episode. Continue reading

Can You Accelerate Security to Move At The Speed Of Your Business?

Is Your Security Moving At the Speed of Your Business?

We talk about offense and defense because the business is asking you, ladies and gentlemen, to move very fast. Well, no problem, let’s move fast. Let’s start standing up assurances and executing.

However, unless we have this governed really well, it is hard to move fast. That’s why we spend time on the architecture and design so we can feel comfortable, safe, and secure.

Now we can accelerate, and that is what we want! 

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