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Integration Expertise

IT Engineering skills can vary widely and one can never depend on one person’s skills to do an assessment. RedZone uses a team approach across many many disciplines to deliver our assessment. This gives you scalability, pace, and a lower cost than having to hire all of these people yourself.

A Second Opinion is valuable – Networks are too complex these days. Your staff does not have all the answers. There are too many moving parts. Asking them to keep the IT trains coming while at the same time assessing IT Infrasture, Security, Recovery, and Cloud Readiness will stretch a staff.

A Partner You Can Trust – gives you confidence to take on projects that you want to. It gives you Expertise and backup if you lose your people without notice.

A “Worms Eye” Technical View is tough to do and – Our assessment accounts for the fact that certain levels of services may not have been reviewed for years and years and across many upgrade cycles. You can use the assessment as a chance to review core systems and network services like NOS, WINS, DHCP, FSMO rules, AD replication, health, secure routing both virtual and physical systems, etc. etc. This is a small subsection of what we review, but an assessment will give a chance to review the fundamentals in an IT environment in which IT professional might never get the chance to do it themselves. As you take on advanced projects in DR, security, infrastructure, and cloud having your fundamentals in line is critical.

Actionable Plans Need to be developed and an IT assessment is not much use unless it can be translated into an actionable plan that supports your business objectives. RedZone can help translate the results for the CIO or CEO into a living and breathing roadmap that can be funded by the business to support growth opportunities, expansion, or cost savings.

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