Data Security Overview | Our Approach

RedZone Solutions Reduce Risk

RedZone has developed the following security auditing and employee security education products which enable the business to be able to embrace a centralized security philosophy. From our security assessment to our security systems integration to our security products they all follow our basic approach.

Why is centralized data security so important? We believe that in our fast paced world and hyper changing technology environment that our customers need to get a handle on their data. What this means is that business and technical leaders have to know where sensitive data is located – (PHI, HIPAA, PCI, Credit Card, Social Security, etc.). You will never be able to keep pace with device innovation. However, data has to originate somewhere and it has to be stored somewhere. DAR – Data at Rest is not a problem until it goes in motion. We can help you understand your data before it goes where it shouldn’t.

  • CIO Scoreboard – CIOs and IT leadership often find that the complexity of IT needs makes acquiring funding a difficult task for the CIO. The CIO Scoreboard is a tool meant to help simplify the process with clear communication so that CIOs can obtain the necessary dollars for IT initiatives at the CEO, Board, and Sr. Executive Team level.
  • ThunderDG – provides employee paperless policy management, end-user training, education, and awareness. Your organization will be more secure if you can educate your users about security. Proper use of systems and processes accounts for a large number of security problems for companies. ThunderDG can increase your security posture and reduce your exposure to security problems.
  • ThunderDG For Credit Unions – One of the biggest issues facing Credit Unions is how to face the never ending IT security landscape with limited funding and limited staff. Very few credit unions that we have worked with actually have the internal human being resources to dedicate to security management, monitoring, etc. Learn about RedZone’s solution for Credit Union policy management.