Exponential Widening of Your Attack Surface. More Work Being Done From Home

With Corona | COVID. RedZone in conjunction with SonicWall can help you secure your business as you re-tool and come up with new business models. Defense should not get in the way of your offense as you:

  • Race to digitize
  • Support Proliferation of apps and devices
  • Expand virtualized capabilities
  • Support legislation and regulations around the world (e.g., GDPR)
  • Secure borderless cloud apps and infrastructure
  • Pervasive use of clouds and sensors everywhere
  • This is the new world

Why Must You Have API-Based Security in a Cloud World?

One of the major benefits of Cloud App Security is that it’s API-based, so unlike a traditional anti-spam or SIEM systems is that it can actually reach out and touch cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, Teams, Box etc. which gives you much more vision into your environment.

In a modern cloud security world you must dominate Cloud App Security that is API based. API based security is how you can leverage the efficacy of the best third party security integration to secure your business as your users interact and inter-operate with SaaS apps and SaaS File sharing and Office 365 and G-Suite. Continue reading

Hackers Don’t Care About Your Corona Virus Problems: Education and Learning

In this education session James covers most recent threats his team is mitigating related to the Corona Virus pandemic and operational and security items popping today. Areas he covers in this are:

  • RDP Brut Force Attacks
  • ATO Account Take Over Attacks Click Bait Attacks ( Corona Virus Map)
  • SaaS and Cloud App security
  • Split Tunneling VPN Issues ACH and Wire Transfer Fraud
  • The Role of virtual SSL VPN licensing
  • Tracking remote work being done

Continue reading

Account Take Over Protection for Work at Home Users

Work-At-Home Account Takeover Protection is one of the bigger threats as you scale more employees working remotely. Many of you ask me about SIEM when there are much more practical ways to defend against Account Take-Overs threats. This helps you take action by using automation to actually block and kills the account take over To learn more watch this 2:26 presentation. It was given in DC at a lunch – literally as COVID-19 was hitting the West Coast prior to shut down of any gatherings. You can text me at 410-320-6433 if you want to discuss this further…or my team below if you are really technical

The major issue is that now that you have to scale lots of additional people into the cloud you are seeing a spike in ATO attacks.