Bill Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Bill founded RedZone Technologies in 2001 with the vision of deploying an elite team of experts, rigorous assessments, and dependable solutions to thrive in the “red zone.” Then with his team of experts, managing the most challenging IT security projects, and unlike many, consistently closing the gap on the final 20% of project deliverables.  

He has recruited and trained an elite team of IT security specialists and has developed the CIO Scoreboard and Security Assessment Methodology to work in unison with clients. The success of this vision has meant consistently delivering on promises and earning customers’ lifelong loyalty. As a result, Bill has guided the company to a top position in Enterprise Cybersecurity and IT Managed Services. Responsible for the vision and direction of the company, he has kept a concentrated focus on “Delivering on Promises” and earning “Customers for Life.”  

Leveraging the CIO Innovation Group that he championed, RedZone is continually testing and experimenting with technologies that can be used to solve the toughest IT security challenges; those that survive are recommended to customers. In this quickly evolving environment, his leadership has made RedZone Technologies an avenue for innovation solutions, while remaining a dependable and reliable partner in the face of rapidly changing technologies and threats.

A prolific thinker and communicator, Bill publishes educational articles, podcasts, and innovative ideas regularly in the RedZone Technologies blog and hosts the long-running CIO Innovation Group, which gives Information Technology executives the chance to share expertise with peers, build professional relationships, and learn about new innovations while expanding their leadership skills.

Bill graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1991, and soon found a talent for understanding and improving information technology systems. He completed apprenticeships with several established IT firms before founding his own businesses.  


Building Relationships - Delivering on Their Promises to Customers

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