James Crifasi

Chief Technology Officer

James has over twenty-five years of IT security, architecture, and integration experience and a strong record of accomplishment. Serving as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer for RedZone, James is responsible for all aspects of technology, project development, legal, and engineering for the company. He has over a decade of success in ensuring customers successfully and repeatedly pass any and all security examinations.  

He holds several degrees from the University of Maryland: BS in Computer Science and Algorithmic Theory, a BA in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and a Masters in Science in Interdisciplinary Management. He is also a member of Infragard. James’ accomplishments in a variety of industries make him the ideal person to manage the operations of RedZone and understand his clients’ security needs.  

While in the retail industry, he transitioned his employer to a more secure, stable infrastructure, while lowering costs and improving performance without disrupting customer transactions (all while maintaining strict compliance). In the highly regulated biotechnology manufacturing industry, he worked with business leaders to provide global IT solutions in areas of CRM, ERM, HRIS and eCommerce, performing high security and redundancy designs and architecture of eBusiness solutions while leading new eBusiness initiatives. He also has wide experience consulting for banking and finance institutions, specializing in effective network security systems and high-performance business systems.

Additionally, James co-founded and operates two additional companies, to better serve his clients’ needs. His background in “hands-on” business management, varied background in technologies, disciplines, as well as industries and audit regulations (such as PCI, HIPAA, NCUA), make James an expert at helping customers actualize their security needs.

Under James’ leadership, RedZone Technologies has successfully developed into a world-class information technologies service organization.  He ensures that RedZone delivers on its promises and that first-time customers become customers for life.

When not working for RedZone clients, he also enjoys camping and cooking with his family and dogs. When not experimenting in the kitchen, he likes to start home projects and occasionally finish them.


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