Our Leadership

Bill Murphy | CEO

Bill Murphy, President & CEO, RedZone Technologies

Bill founded RedZone Technologies in 2001 with the vision of deploying an elite team, rigorous assessments and dependable solutions to thrive in the “red zone”, managing the toughest 20% of IT Security projects, and unlike many, to consistently close the gap on the final 20% of project deliverables. He has recruited and trained the elite team of IT Security specialists and has developed the CIO Scoreboard and Security Assessment Methodology to work in concert with them. The success of this vision has meant consistently delivering on promises made, and earning customers’ lifelong loyalty. As a result, Bill has guided the company to a leadership position in Enterprise Cybersecurity and IT Managed Services.

Responsible for the vision and direction of the company, he has kept a singular focus on “Delivering on Promises” and earning “Customers for Life.” Leveraging the Innovation Group that he championed, RedZone is continually testing and experimenting with technologies that can be used to solve the toughest IT Security challenges; those that survive are recommended to customers. In this quickly evolving environment, his leadership has made RedZone Technologies an avenue for innovation solutions, while remaining a dependable and reliable partner, in the face of rapidly changing technologies and threats.

A prolific thinker and communicator, Bill publishes educational articles, podcasts, and innovative ideas regularly in the RedZone Technologies blog, and hosts the long-running CIO Innovation Forum Community, which helps Information Technology executives to share expertise with peers, to build professional relationships, to learn about new developments and to expand leadership skills.

Bill graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1991, and soon found a talent for understanding and improving information technology systems. He did his apprenticeship with several established IT firms before stretching out to found his own businesses.

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James Crifasi | COO and CTO


James Crifasi has over twenty five years of IT security, architecture, and integration experience and a strong record of accomplishment. He holds several degrees from the University of Maryland: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Algorithmic Theory, a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and a Masters in Science in Interdisciplinary Management. Serving as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer for RedZone, James is responsible for all aspects of technology, project development, legal, and engineering for the company. He has over a decade of success in ensuring customers successfully and repeatedly pass any and all security examinations. James is also a member of Infragard.

James’ accomplishments in a variety of industries make him an ideal person to manage the operations of RedZone and understand his clients’ security needs.  While in the retail industry, he transitioned his employer to a more secure, stable infrastructure, lowering costs and improving performance without disrupting customer transactions; all while maintaining strict compliance.  In the highly regulated biotechnology manufacturing industry, he worked with business leaders to provide global IT solutions in areas of CRM, ERM, HRIS and eCommerce, performing high security and redundancy designs and architecture of eBusiness solutions and leading new eBusiness initiatives.  He also has wide experience consulting for Banking and Finance institutions, specializing in effective network security systems and high performance business systems.

Additionally James has co-founded and operates two additional companies, to better serve his clients’ needs. His background in hands-on business management, varied background in technologies disciplines as well as industries, and audit regulations (such as PCI, HIPAA, NCUA), make James an expert at helping customers actualize their security needs.

Under James’ leadership, RedZone Technologies has successfully developed into a world-class information technologies service organization.  He ensures that RedZone delivers on its promises and that first-time customers become customers for life.

When not working for RedZone clients, he also enjoys camping and cooking with his family and dogs. When not experimenting in the kitchen, he likes to start home projects and occasionally finish them.

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James Miante | Chief Systems Architect


James Miante has worked for more than a decade in information technology, continually growing in security expertise, assessing, designing & implementing a variety of security and highly available virtualized infrastructure technologies.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Physics from Bucknell University.  James is currently responsible for RedZone security solution design, technical delivery and project management.

James has ensured security for a multitude of clients including Class A Merchants, and Multi-National Financial institutions. His security understanding crosses many industries including Financial, Retail, Online Business, and DoD service companies. He has overseen numerous technical projects for clients, focusing on increasing the security and reliability of their networks, from firewall implementations and lock-downs to email and directory service upgrades and implementation. He is also heavily involved with the technological challenges of meeting regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, and NCUA), assisting customers in performing internal regulatory reviews, and in remediating issues found during these reviews.

James has learned technology security and infrastructure operations and architecture through the RedZone lens of delivering on promises and creating “customers for life” relationships which makes him uniquely able to leverage RedZone capabilities to delight each customer.  James’ contributions have helped RedZone Technologies to develop into a world-class information technologies firm with world-class service.  He continually works to insure that RedZone delivers on its promises and invites first-time customers to become customers for life.

When not working for RedZone’s clients, he enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, hiking with his dogs and watching football.